We All Belong Foundations

The "We All Belong" Foundations program helps organizations increase awareness, knowledge, and skills related to recognizing and overcoming bias, and learning about culture and cultural differences to become more equity-focused and culturally competent.  

  • Develop a We All Belong Team (CQ Team) for your organization

  • Participate in 3 joint days of intensive training over 12 weeks
    (1 session at beginning, middle, and end)

  • Learn alongside and network with CQ teams from other organizations

  • Share costs of intensive training while multiplying the impact on your community

  • Option to include coaching and affinity groups (affinity groups may be on topics such as "Learning to Talk About Race and Culture", "Outreach and Marketing", "Organizational Change Strategies")

Beyond Foundations:

  • Ongoing seminars for your CQ Team

  • Foundations Training for new CQ Team members

  • Coaching for your CQ Team on specific organizational concerns

  • Advising for strategic planning and organizational development

Customized Training

CQ can work with your organization individually to develop a customized plan to increase awareness, knowledge, and skills related to equity, culture and cultural differences.