About Us

CQ Strategies, LLC is a Vermont-based training collective committed to justice, equity, cultural proficiency and social justice work with local and regional organizations. Since 2010, we have provided high quality, interactive learning experiences to diverse groups and individuals yielding positive results.

CQ Strategies trainers have years of experience participating in and facilitating trainings related to class, ability, sexual orientation, religion, race, gender, age, physical appearance, and the inter-related dynamics of power and intersectionality. All of us are involved with agencies that support diverse groups of people. We have firsthand experiences as members of institutions undergoing journeys in cultural competence development among our respective workforces.

Since 2010 we have...

  • Worked with over 100 Vermont, New England, and New York-based organizations

  • Trained more than 2500 individuals, many for multiple sessions

  • Facilitated over 195 workshops ranging in size from 5 to 85

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